“Housing is Mental Wellbeing” Gilbert Saldate, TCMHS Public Outreach and Housing Manager

Tri-City Mental Health Services (TCMHS) understands that a lack of supportive housing can be a significant barrier to mental wellbeing and recovery for individuals suffering with mental illness and their families. The Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identifies housing, along with health, purpose and community, as one of the four major dimensions that support a life in recovery. Similarly, California’s Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), included funds for the development of permanent supportive housing in recognition that mental health services alone are often not enough to provide persons challenged by living with a serious and persistent mental illness long-term stability and wellbeing.

In 2008, TCMHS received $2.4 million as its housing allocation from MHSA to develop permanent supportive housing for the clients and families it serves. This allocation from the State was based on the population served by Tri-City and would have funded approximately 20-24 units in total.

Fortunately, as a result of the community stakeholder process mandated by Proposition 63, residents and interested parties from all three Tri-City area cities (Pomona, Claremont and La Verne), had the foresight to anticipate a much greater need for Tri-City consumers. In fiscal years 2008-09 and 2009-10, Tri-City Stakeholders requested that the TCMHS Governing Board approve to allocate additional unspent MHSA funds toward the development of permanent supportive housing. An additional $4.5 million was assigned and a total of $6.9 million has, to date, created 64 units of permanent supportive housing for those challenged by living with severe and persistent mental illness and their families in the Tri-City service area. Furthermore, the Tri-City housing funds have been used to leverage another 83 units of general affordable housing to support qualified individuals in this area. In addition to MHSA housing dollars, TCMHS has developed strong partnerships with the Housing Authorities of Pomona and the County of Los Angeles to access the Shelter Plus Care program, as well as a local property owner to establish a long-term master lease agreement. These Tri-City partnerships provide permanent supportive housing assistance to an additional 41 households and assist Tri-City clients and their families to access and maintain safe, stable and affordable housing.

On-going, through initiatives such as No Place Like Home and the annual MHSA stakeholder process, Tri-City will be able to continue its commitment to support the recovery and lasting wellbeing of its consumers and its families with the creation and/or development of permanent supportive housing options in the cities of Pomona, Claremont and La Verne.

For more information regarding MHSA Housing please contact:
Gilbert Saldate
Public Outreach and Housing Manager
(909) 326-4620

For more information regarding how to get involved as a Stakeholder for Tri-City please contact:
Dana Barford
MHSA Projects Manager
(909) 326-4641

These housing options are available for clients currently receiving mental health services through Tri-City Mental Health Authority. However, enrollment for services is not a guarantee of housing. If you are not currently enrolled for mental health services with TCMHA, but would like housing assistance, please contact our Community Navigators at 888.436.3246.